Tuesday, 9 May 2017

How Good Is Your TENS Unit?

TENS unit is meant for electrotherapy. It uses the electrical current for stimulating nerves and restores them if they are inflammable. It is recommended for people aged between 25 and 65 years of age. It is a non-invasive therapy device.

Are You Planning To Buy a TENS Unit?

If yes, you have to see for various important features. If present, your device is a good buy. Let’s have a look:

FDA Clearance

The market is replete with different kinds of products, and there are many which are not covered any regulation should be avoidable. Most of the companies are not allowed to market therapeutic products unless they have an FDA clearance.  The clearance will ensure that the products are safe for use by various age groups.

Must Have Features

When you have decided to buy a TENS unit, it must be supported by different features that make it useful. Let’s see what these features are:

Size of Display

When you are planning a TENS unit the size of screen matters as only through a display, you’ll be ready to read out. The controls should be well labeled. The machine must have the compartment of battery readily available to the users.  The machine should have AC adapter slot so that you can easily plug it into the power source. It has been found that most of the users prefer the machines that come with many preset programs for the ease of operations.


The market is replete with the machines which come with dual channels. You must ensure that your Intensity TENS unit comes with spare electrodes and spare batteries. Further don’t forget to check that they include the single, dual or four channels. Each channel has two pads, and the dual channel machine will be supported with four pads.

Intensity Levels

The intensity levels of the Intensity 10 tens unit may be adjusted according to your need. The machine can also set the timers in the increments of 15, 30, 60 minutes.

Ease Of Use

The device is easy to use, and all it takes is the press of two buttons to get the machines up and running.

Mobility and Size

The device must come in various shapes and sizes so that you can use them efficiently. It is this portability which makes the TENS unit Intensity more appealing.

You must ensure that your device is working fine and is covered under warranty. It’ll provide prompt service in case of the machine breakdown.

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