Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Common Wedding Linen Fabrics Used For Tablecloths: A Quick Guide

There is so much to consider when you are planning your grand day – decoration, location, catering service, photography. Although deciding a wedding linen fabric will be a minor thing any couple would think about, it plays a major role in accentuating a wedding decoration.
Here is a quick guide to wedding linen fabrics used in tablecloths and chair covers.


This synthetic fiber is very popular for table linen. Due to its incredible durability and resistance to stain and wrinkles, it is an excellent choice for sophisticated events like wedding and reception. Polyester is also used to produce spandex tablecloths that conform to the shape of a table. 



Satin is usually made from synthetic materials like polyester. In high qualities, silk is used. Satin fabric usually stands for a delicate and shiny appearance. Perfect for an indoor event, this shiny fabric creates an elegant vibe in any event. It is an ideal choice to make an event royal.


Damask is considered upgraded linen. Usually, damask is made by using a satin weave that gives a glossy appearance to it.


Organza is remarkable for its semi-transparent appearance and is a popular choice for table runners on rent and overlays. This fabric can be easily introduced to create an elegant table setting.


Traditionally manufactured from silk, taffeta, is known for its stiffness. It features a glassy satin like appearance. Most taffeta, at present are made using polyester fibers.


Cotton is a trendy, evergreen, natural and soft linen fabric for weddings. The unparalleled softness and absorbent quality, it is a great option for events.
Now as you are aware of all the commonly used linen fabrics, it won’t be difficult for you to make the right choice.
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