Monday, 17 April 2017

5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Health Insurance

If you give a close look to your health insurance policy docket, you will find many good and bad clauses you were not aware of. Here are some benefits which people usually don’t avail due to lack of awareness.

Lifelong Renewal

Every health insurance plan is provided with an upper cap on the entry age, usually 70-80 years. It can be extended to a bit, but it doesn’t exceed 90 years. It means the older you get, the harder it becomes to get covered under a plan. A lifelong renewal feature allow you to renew your policy lifelong, making you covered even when you turn 90.

Restore Benefit

Also known as recovery benefit, it refers to providing a lump-sum to the insured after hospitalization. The precondition is that the insured should be hospitalized for 10 days or more. The restore benefit is given so that the insured can take care of his/her household expenses till s/he gets back to normal life.

Relocation Health Insurance

Many citizens don’t realize their health insurance might not cover them if they travel abroad. Several health insurance providers don’t cover emergency treatment overseas. If you are an international traveler, you should get a relocation health insurance that can help you and your family to pay out your medical bills in case any emergent situation arises while traveling abroad.


Attendant Allowance

Many people don’t have even a clue what attendant allowance is. This allowance is given to the individual who is taking care of the patient in the hospital. This benefit helps to fulfill his/her needs for food, refreshment, and other expenses. It is usually restricted to a specific number of days for hospitalization. It is like that your insurance will take care of the person who will look after you during hospitalization.


Top up policy

Our life keeps moving on, and several things take place, like getting married, having children, getting a promotion, etc. In such cases, you might feel need to get wider health coverage as you can afford it now. But to get a new health insurance plan is itself a task. In such case a top policy allows you to stretch your insurance policy to avail more coverage. Instead of buying a new health policy, top up insurance policy is an affordable idea.
So, next time you purchase a health insurance policy, don’t forget to check out these features.
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