Friday, 30 September 2016

What Is The Need Of Human Centered Design? Everything We Need To Know

Human centered design is an innovative approach to problem-solving that starts with people and ends up providing creative solutions as per their need. It focuses on users, their requirements and by applying human factors makes the system more useful. Human centered services increase efficiency and satisfaction level of the user.

To achieve better results, organization needs a fresh way of identifying problems. A human centered design can be of great help here.

How does a human centered design help to solve issues within the organization?
It helps in the following ways:

Design for the transformation of organization gives stress on seeing the organization through a human centered lens which eventually causes positive changes.

Through a human centered service, it is examined that how an organization delivers its services which help to face challenges in a better way.

It allows an organization to develop programs and strategies which   stimulate behavioral and cultural changes.

Organization becomes more creative, customer oriented and ready to explore endless opportunities.

Process Behind Creating A Human Centered Design
The central philosophy behind the human centered design is that – when you understand people, you have to reach and then design from their part; you come with unique as well innovative ideas.

There are six phases that work behind the designing process:

The first phase includes learning and observing the end user. The main motto here is to understand the people for whom you are working. The best way is to step into their shoes and see their experiences. It makes you understand the difficulties they face while doing something.

In this phase, brainstorming is done to generate ideas. It is essentially based on what you have learnt from the observation and experience in the first phase.

Rapid Prototyping
In this phase, a simple prototype of ideas is formed. It makes the design concrete in testing with the end-user. Don’t build a too elaborate prototype, making it complex. Keep it as simple as you can.

User Feedback
It is the most critical phase in the designing process. Feedback is important to know whether your solution is hitting the target at the right point or not.

After getting the feedback, you will know the necessary changes you have to make to your design. Keep on testing and incorporating users’ feedback until you get the solution. Once you get the solution, it is time to move the next phase.

Now that you have authenticated your solution with the end-user, it’s time to implement it. After proper implementation, keep observing your user behavior and collect their feedback.

This is how a human centered products is developed to meet the business challenges of the present world.

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