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Wetland Delineations—Understanding the Concept and the Purpose

What Is Wetland Delineation?
Wetland delineation begins with the location and physical limits (size) of a wetland for federal, state, and local regulations. Wetland delineation is also considered as an element of a “jurisdictional determination.” that identifies which water bodies within the boundaries of the project meet the definition of waters. With further explanation, wetland delineations are explained as:

Wetland Delineation Manual conducts wetland delineations
Wetlands t have three specific criteria to be classified as a wetland:
Hydric soils
Hydrophytic vegetation
During a wetland delineation, a project area is surveyed to determine whether the wetlands are set with the three criteria or not
Regulatory water body or stream requirements can vary from state to state

What Purpose Does It Serve?
The wetlands provide several beneficial uses especially for fish and wildlife, habitat and people as well. Hence, the benefits are:

Improving water quality and protecting it
Providing a suitable habitat
Storage of flood waters
For recreation and aesthetics
Controlling erosion

Why Wetland Delineations Are Done?
• NJDEP Wetland Delineations in New Jersey are done to evaluate jurisdictional waters.
• Wetland delineations are important because they map up the particular areas where stream occurs.

When to Get Wetland Delineation
Sometimes people get ready to build their house or an addition to an existing home. With this, they need to know that there are streams or wetlands on the property or not. In most cases, people cannot build any building within wetlands or streams without getting a permit from the city or county. So, to comply with local, state, and federal regulations, an individual will need to know the location of wetland boundaries and their widths before building the property. In such cases, NJDEP Wetland Delineations in New Jersey keep a track of such situations so that the ecosystem is not disturbed or damaged.

NJDEP Wetland Delineations in New Jersey makes a study that involves a thorough investigation of critical areas having a wetland. Such critical area boundary is flagged and displayed on a map along with the final width.

Works of Wetland Delineation
Is required by local jurisdictions when wetlands, streams, and shorelines are present in a particular area
The work also involves detailed analysis of critical area with its types, boundaries, and buffer widths present
The Clients may need to get:
Reports to get permission
Get wetland determination and rating forms

In Conclusion
Some wetlands are considered to be permanent or persistent while others may be seasonal and may not be readily identified at certain times of the year. So, it becomes wise that people should tell about the wetland and get wetland delineations in New Jersey by professionals.

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