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Family Tree of Noah – Roots Of Endless Human Race

Noah acquires a significant place in human history. According to the Hebrew bible, Noah and his family was the only survivor of a devastating flood that destroyed all the humans on earth. In this way, Noah and his family contributed in continuing the human race. Noah gave birth to three sons, which further grow into generations. Family tree of Noah gives a complete view of human existence. This tree takes form with three branches as the sons of Noah and it is further growing as an endless tree with different branches or generations.
Noah sons, Shem, Ham and Joseph have populated the world which than settled on the different parts of the earth like Egypt, Europe and Asia. Here, take a look on the countries and continents established by Noah’s generation.

Sons of Noah
1. Shem: According to the ancient scholars, people of India and China were descended from Shem.
2. Ham: People of Africa, Mesopotamia, Syria, and some parts of Asia are the descended of Ham.
3. Japheth: He was the youngest son of Noah and people of Europe and some parts of Asia are descendants of Japheth.
4. Noah sons gave birth of three major human races; Hamitic race came from Ham, Semitic race from Shem and Japhetic race from Japheth.

Let’s take a look on significance of family tree of Noah

Significance of Noah’s Family Tree
The significance of family tree of Noah can be explained with the fact that they gave birth to the complete human race. They became the roots of the tree of human generations that is growing endlessly till death. We all are the descendants of Noah.

After the destructive flood that destroyed almost all the humans from earth, God came and blessed Noah to have children, which will further grow into generations and give generate the human race on this earth. He also assured that any holocaust or deluge will not come on earth again. Noah was given a great responsibility of populating the earth again. Slowly his generations grew and settled in the different parts of the world. They developed their languages, religions, foods habits and understandings as per their life experiences and habitats. The Noah’s family tree of growing and will keep on growing endlessly.

We all are a part of family tree of Noah, and here with a responsibility of expanding this tree further. Noah family was responsible for giving birth to human race. His sons established different parts of this world and helped in giving it a form as the way it is today.

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