Monday, 20 July 2015

Avoid Sewage Related Problems with Regular Septic Tank Service

Cleanliness is a must for staying healthy and reducing bacterial infections. We generally take care of our day to day hygiene, but some other issues are also there. They might not want our regular attention, but can create serious problems, if not handled properly. This problem can also start from our home with faulty sewage system. Even if you are using a septic tank or not, it is important to keep them clean and functional. So, just go for the septic tank service to reduce all the fears of bacteria and infections.

There are a lot many companies that provide the service of septic tank cleaning, maintenance or replacement. Just look for the services they are providing and choose the best for you. Let’s first give you a brief about what a septic tank is.

What Is A Septic Tank
A septic tank is an underground, self-cleaning sewage system whose special bacteria can clean the waste or junk of sewage water. It is commonly used for rural areas and it is more economical. It can be made up of concrete or fiberglass.

Servicing Of a Septic Tank
It is important to keep the tank clean for its smooth functioning and regular service of tank is necessary for doing this. There are many companies who provide servicing of septic tanks, just look for them on the internet and eliminate all the sewage problems.

Some Steps of Septic Tank Servicing
Check Functioning of All the Connections: Check if the connections of kitchen, bathroom and toilets are working properly or not.

Measure the Sludge Layer: Waste layer is measured with special equipment, if it is one-third or half of the water capacity, it means it needs to be pumped.

Tank Inspection: The process in which inspector checks for the quality of walls of the tanks and connected pipes. If any wall is cracked or required maintenance, it will be done on immediate basis.
But, before going for service, check for the trustworthy companies who should be experienced and licensed to do so.

The septic tank service duration depends upon the size of tank, number of family members and on the domestic habits. But, don’t compromise with its cleaning in any situation, otherwise the water system of your home will get disturbed and it may also create some health hazard.

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