Friday, 15 May 2015

Interactive eBook conversion: An enhanced way of reading

Interactivity adds value to your digital product. You can make your publication more interesting by using interactive eBooks. These eBooks are embedded with audio and video to make your content more compelling and interactive. It enhances your reading experience by providing greater interactivity.

With interactive eBooks, you can experience the content not only in words, but in sound and sight as well. These eBooks uses three-dimensional diagrams, animation, text, markups, and videos to provide better reading experience to the reader.

Why to do interactive eBooks conversion?

A simple eBooks provides little interactivity. In these eBooks we can search for content, flip the pages, or highlight words to see a dictionary definition. But the enhanced version of the eBook called Interactive eBooks gives you a better reading experience .These interactive eBooks are customized according to your needs and requirements. You can also add videos, logo, and hypertext links to make your publications more interesting and appealing. You can send mails via these eBooks. Interactive eBooks are compatible with PCs, Mac and Tablets.
Students can take the advantage of this incredible eBook to complete their assignments and tests and they can also send their assignments directly to the teachers or professor. These interactive eBooks has brought a revolutionary change in the way of learning. With these eBooks you can apply all your creativity by adding beautiful colors, videos and attractive texts to your publication. 

Benefits of Interactive eBooks
Use of Scalable Vector Graphics for enhanced clarity of images and other illustrations
The added animation makes the book more appealing and attractive
It provides features such as audio narration, manual or automatic page turn, text highlighting
It uses vector graphics for clarity of images and other illustrations.
It has some added functionalities like Finger Painting, Canvas, Geolocation etc.
It integrates audio and video functionalities.
Better presentation and styling of the content and elements
It offers enhanced styling for your book content by adding animations, text shadows and transitions.
Publishers and reader can also share their annotation and writings with other readers.
You can make your content more accessible 
It helps in content enrichment
It provides auto narration 

When your content is converted into digital form, then it is not confined to printed page and you can easily share it with other readers. So forget the obsolete method of reading and switch to latest interactive eBooks conversion for enjoyable reading and learning experience.

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