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Understanding the Sacred Geometry ’The Tree of Life’

The tree of life is one the most widely known sacred geometry symbols. It is showed up a crop circle near Barbury castle. This sacred design has striking similarity to the Jewish Kabbalah and is believed to have existence even in Ancient Egypt (that’s over thousands of years ago). The tree of life sacred geometry shows up in various locations via spiritual cosmos. Moreover, it has presence even in nature and is believed to be connected with the Flower of Life.

For enthusiasts trying to gain information about this sacred geometry, the article can prove to be a good source.

Point of Origination

It is alleged that Flower of Life can be the source of derivation for both the Tree of Life and Seed of Life. The Tree of Life design derives from the centers of the spheres of the Flower of Life as well as the Seed of Life.

Decoding the Sacred Geometry Design
In total there are 32 paths in the sacred geometry that connects 10 sefirot and the 22 paths they go through form the part of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The design gives vital information about life. Scholars have decoded the Tree of Life, saying that it gives answers about how the descent of the divine spirit into the material world and ways to return to the divine spirit while still surviving in this world.

The Tree of Life is said to be a diagram of the human mind together with the systems of both manifest and non-manifest phenomenon. It is imperative to know that the real quality of divinity is unity or oneness, and the deceptive life of separation exists only from the perception of that which is externally displayed.

The Ten Sefirot

Listed below are the 10 sefirot with their designations and numerals in sequence:

 1 – Kether (Crown) or Kether Elyon (Supreme Crown)
2 – Chokmah (Wisdom)
3 – Binah (Understanding or Intelligence)
4 – Chesed (Mercy or Grace) or Gedullah (Greatness)
 5 – Geburah (Severity or Power), Din (Judgement) or Pahad (Fear)
 6 – Tifereth (Beauty) or Rahamim (Mercy)
7 – Netsach (Victory or Constancy)
 8 – Hod (Glory or Majesty)
9 – Yesod (Foundation) or Tsedek (Justice)
10 – Malkuth (Kingdom) or Shekhinah (Divine Immanence)

Sacred Geometry Teachings

If you are willing to learn about the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life, you can find some websites that can help you with the teachings. These sites work with a motive to help people understand the concept of unity and oneness.

Lastly, the Tree of Life sacred geometry is a fascinating concept and your eagerness will only define how easily you can understand it.

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