Monday, 16 February 2015

The Box Erector and Your Overall Automation Plans

Every manufacturing concern involved in mass producing it products and shipping them to various destinations has at its heart a suitable box erector. It is an essential part of every need for automated packaging and is readily available from a number of top manufacturers. These erectors are available in a variety of brands and configurations which are ideal for varying needs. There are several advantages that come with the deployment of the right erectors for your processes and products.

The Benefits of Automation

Case erectors are great at eliminating the rather costly process of setting up your cases by hand. This requirement can be very demanding in terms of manpower and also consume a great deal of factory floor space. These cases will have to be assembled in great quantities in anticipation of your daily requirements. As demand rises, assembling the cases by hand becomes even more untenable. Case erector have the ability to provide for your needs for assembled cases in a flash and you can cut down on the costs and the need for large floor and storage space.

The corrugated boxes can be shipped and stored flat and fed into the machine to provide for current needs. The machines operate at variable speeds which can go up to a maximum or 25, 30 or even more cases per minute. This allows you to cater to the variations in the demand for your products and also be future proof. Any growth plans that you have in the near future must be provided for in your current purchases.

Case erectors can also be available as a standalone modular unit. This can work in your partially automated plant and has the ability to fit into your plans for a fully-automated process. This works well if you do not have the capital to go full throttle or want to wait until you can meet the production levels which justify investing in full automation.

Considerations When Buying

The most important thing is to secure an erector that caters to your products and can be adapted to accommodate different designs and sizes. It should also be a reliable brand that enjoys dedicated support services. The equipment must also be within your budget level and have a good reputation in the market. Conduct some thorough research on your options and take a considered an educated decision.

A box erector is available in many brands and configurations. It is an essential element of your production plant.
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