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Tree Of Life Sacred Geometry and How It Relates To Life on the Planet

The tree of life is one of the widely known members of the sacred geometry family of symbols. It has the distinction that is only shared by one other symbol, the Personal Creation, of showing up as a crop circle in the vicinity of Barbury Castle. This sacred symbol design is linked to the Jewish Kabbalah and is also known to have existed over a thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt. You will find this sacred design of the tree of life within the spiritual cosmos in myriad locations. The tree of life enjoys a connection to the flower of life and both can be located in nature.

A point of similarity that the tree of life and the seed of life have is that they can be derived from a single source pattern of the flower of life. The centers of the spheres of the seed of life and the flower of life is where the tree of life is derived. The Kabbalah tree of life is represented by the thirty two paths that house the ten sefirot as well as the twenty-two paths that they pass through. It is within the tree of life that the divine spirit finds ways to descend into the material world and also find a path back to the divine spirit while still existing in this world. The human mind is represented in the tree of life diagram and it also captures manifest and non-manifest occurrences. Unity and oneness are represent the real quality of divinity as opposed to external manifestations which drive the illusory levity of separation. 

Sefirot Designations

The 10 sefirot designations and numerals are:

  1.  Crown (Kether) Or Supreme Crown (Kether Elyon)
  2.  Wisdom (Chokmah) 
  3.  Intelligence Or Understanding (Binah) 
  4.  Grace Or Mercy (Chesed) Or Greatness (Gedullah)
  5.  Power Or Severity (Geburah), Judgment (Din), Or Fear (Pahad)
  6. Beauty (Tifereth) Or Mercy (Rahamin) 
  7. Majesty Or Glory (Hod) 
  8.  Constancy Or Victory (Netsach) 
  9.  Foundation (Yesod) Or Justice (Tsedek) 
  10.  Kingdom (Malkuth) Or Divine Immanence (Shekhinah)
The Use of the Concept 
The concept of the tree of life has been employed in biology, philosophy, religion and mythology. You will find it as a common motif in a host of theologies, philosophies, and mythologies around the world. It deals with the interconnectedness of all life throughout the planet.
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