Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Understanding the Tree Of Life Sacred Geometry Concept

The tree of life sacred geometry symbol is perhaps the most popular of sacred geometry symbols in existence. This sacred design is relates closely to the Jewish Kabbalah and originates from ancient Egypt some 3 thousand years ago. The spiritual cosmos is awash with the tree of life design. It can be located in nature and has a link to the Flower of Life. 

What Is Sacred Geometry? 

Sacred geometry is a term that is widely employed by anthropologists, archeologists, and geometricians to cover religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs that have come to life around geometry. This has happened during the course of human history in various cultures. Some of the examples of how this has happened include how the Greeks used to assign the different attributes to the Platonic solids and certain ratios derived geometrically. Hindus do a geometrical construction meant to establish due east and west from which they construct a square as the start to building every edifice meant for religious purposes. The Christian cross also sacred geometry implications which were touched upon during the medieval period. Egyptians discovered that regular polygons could be increased without distorting the ratios of their sides. This was done through the addition of a strictly constructed area. The Ancient Egyptians assigned this concept to the god Osiris while the Greek called it Gnomon.

Discovering the Tree Of Life Sacred Geometry 

The Flower of Life source pattern can give rise to both the Tree of Life and the Seed of Life. The centers of the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life’s spheres spawn the Tree of Life. The Kabbalah Tree of Life represents the 32 paths which contain 10 sefirot as well as the 22 paths that they pass through. It is in the Tree of Life that the divine spirit’s decent into the material world and the ways through which a return to the divine spirit while still existing in this world can be found.

Systems of both the manifest and non-manifest phenomenon and the human mind are graphically represented in the Tree of Life diagram. Unity and oneness are the real quality of divinity unlike a life of separation which is brought to life from the perspective of external manifestation.
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