Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What to Know Before Registering a Domain Name

The advent of technology has revolutionized online business and brought in abundant opportunities for startups. Domain name is an essential part of the decision making process and hence you need a lot of knowledge regarding the same. Domain name has the responsibility of representing your venture on the online and therefore you need to be specific about how you want your venture to appear to your online setup.  It is important to realize the various functions of domain name which will give you an idea as to what is expected out of a domain name. Entrepreneurs need to make sure what to know before registering a domain name so that you make the right decision for your start-up. Domain registration must be done by a certified registrar so that there are no complexities in using that name and it works in favor of your venture.

Features that your domain name should possess
Domain name is the first information online visitors get about your venture, therefore in order to give the right impression your domain name must have the following features:

Concentrate on the brand
Domain name should be such that gives clear idea of the products and services provided. The viewers should not be misled with the domain name. The product and services you provide should clearly reflect from the domain name. It should act as a promotional tool for your website.

Simple and easy to remember
Domain name should be short and simple so that it can be easily memorized. This will make your venture popular as your customers will share reviews with friends and family. Long and complex domain name can be very dangerous for the popularity of your enterprise and in turn affect your business prospects.

Target your audience
Domain name must emphasis on the needs of target audience and encourage them to avail your services. It is important to understand that your customer will be able to visit your venture only if the domain name conveys the information rightly. 

Choice of domain name is followed by the registration process. This is also very crucial step as you need find a registrar that has experience in this field and provides reliable services. Registration service provider must provide you round the clock technical assistance that will help you resolve any issue related to your domain name.

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