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Why should you Choose Dedicated Hosting over Shared Hosting

You never get a second opportunity to make a first good impression. It is, therefore, essential to make the best out of the first opportunity you are given to present your business online. The success of your website will be dependent on, among many other factors, your hosting decision. The secret is in finding the best hosting option available in the market to make your website accessible at all times. Among the best ways of achieving this vital goal is deciding between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Many people will advise you to go for dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting but for what reasons?

1.Guaranteed Higher Security for your Online Activity

This is one of the key reasons why dedicated server hosting is more preferable to shared server hosting. Dedicated servers are more secure, and this is perhaps the biggest advantage of dedicated hosting compared to other hosting servers. When you use this service, you can be sure that all the resources on that server belong to you and this makes it safer than shared servers. Now, when it comes to shared hosting, there are so many websites hosted in that single server.

With the freedom that web hosting companies are offering webmasters, shared servers are more insecure than they were before. A slight misuse of the htaccess by one user could translate to heavy consequences, which will be directly felt by other users on the same server. This makes the server more prone to activities of the hackers, putting your data at risk of falling in the hands of unauthorized persons. It is, therefore, advisable to depend on dedicated hosting since you are alone on the server. In any case, you would not want to run the risk of your website being blacklisted just because someone on the same server engaged in unethical practices. Therefore, as far as security is concerned, dedicated server hosting is a safer bet.

2.Increased Reliability 

Since not every person is an IT wizard, it means that the majority of business owners are forced to put their faith and trust in the hands of hosting providers. This is especially the case when it comes to ensuring availability of the best level of uptime. While most of the hosting companies promise 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, the situation may be different depending on the type of server your website will be hosted. With shared hosting, your website will need to share resources and other features with other websites in the server. This means that your website will not always have full access to all the resources it needs at any one point. On the other hand, when you choose dedicated hosting, it means that your website will always access the resources it needs at all times. What is more, choosing managed dedicated servers will ensure that your hosting providers take care of the all the burdens of managing the server on your behalf.

3.Maintenance of Scalability

A new website might not be in need of a lot of resources and space at the beginning. However, as it experiences increased growth in terms of client base, company products and services and the general growth, it will require more disk space and bandwidth to accommodate the new elements. Choosing a dedicated server allows you the flexibility of getting additional space without the need of migrating to another server or another hosting provider. While shared hosting can provide the same privilege, the additional space allocated to your site will still be limited. Since each business requires some room to accommodate growth, dedicated hosting will provide your business website with this important opportunity.

4.Higher Flexibility and Control

Flexibility and control are among the key aspects when you are running a website. Changes are inevitable, and there must be room for your website to accommodate such changes. What is more, you need to have greater control as well as flexibility for you to afford this. One of the biggest advantages of dedicated servers hosting is that it offers greater control as well as flexibility. With shared hosting, you will have limited access to certain features, but this is not the case with dedicated hosting. When you are using the server alone, you will be given greater accessibility and, therefore, allowing you more control over the server. This, in turn, will afford your company or rather business greater flexibility; something that your business truly needs.

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