Friday, 14 March 2014

Things to Remember to Get the Best Out of Your Website

Web Designing consists of various tasks that hold a website together. It is what helps in making the viewer stick to your website rather than going back to SERPs. Web designing is a complex process requiring various -graphic and language skills. Graphic skills are needed to keep the viewer interested with visual and animations while language skills (HTML, CSS, etc) are needed to prepare a proper code for the website. These form the basics of the design templates that you see on website builders, which enable you to create a website on your own in a jiffy. There are many things to remember while creating your website-
  • Target Audience - Keep in mind the target audience and then prepare a rough web design, before making it fair. Content should be age appropriate. Excite the viewer, make him curious, and make him stay on the page. For example-for children, use a lot of animation, sounds, and images. Keep it lively.
  • Search Engine Optimization - In today’s aggressive world, there is a need to get your website beat that of competitors. This is possible through SEO. The more frequently a website appears in search results, more visitors it will have! Most search engines use crawlers to analyze the web pages and show the results. Make sure to use specific keywords that describe your web page most appropriately. 
  • Right Domain Name - It should be simple, easy to remember and associated to your website. Having a right domain name is an essential part of website creation.

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