Monday, 31 March 2014

Comparison between GoDaddy and BigRock, Why BigRock Hosting services is better than GoDaddy

There’s no denying that web hosting services can make or break a business. Without an efficient hosting service provider, you will not be able to make your mark in the highly competitive market. Quite obviously, entrepreneurs, web masters looking to have a business website are extremely keen on getting a professional yet cost-effective web hosting service that also offer an outstanding value for money. At present, there are two popular web hosting service providers namely Godaddy and BigRock. Entrepreneurs are often confused about which one to opt for since both offer incredible packages lending the decision making process difficult. Here, we try to help you with a comparative study of the packages, services offered by these two hosting service providers. Take a look…

Let’s start with the OFFERS 

When it comes to domain registration,webmasters are looking for offers in the package, and this is where BigRock takes a lead in the competition. GoDaddy requires pay for every service they offer, but BigRock offers a package that comes with several free services like

• Email Accounts- We all  know how vital it is to have a professional/ business Email. On purchasing a hosting service from BigRock, you will also get  email hosting service  for free.

• Privacy Registration- With domain protection, you can keep your administration details safe and secure. By doing this, you can keep your site safe  and protected from hackers. 

• Theft protection- This is available  only with BigRock. Using theft protection, you can keep away anonymous user settings. This secures data transfers and hence the chances of accidental transfers is almost nil. 

Customer Service : Customer is King

When it comes to customer service, both GoDaddy and BigRock are touch contenders. In fact, these are the most popular domain registrars existing today, so it’s quite obvious that the customer service will be the best with both the providers. This is because both companies lack any problem regarding customer service, which means that none of them wins in this. However, as stated earlier, it is easy to get more coupon codes at Godaddy. Whatever the case, this is not a problem since you can obtain increased demos as well as articles for big rock. Therefore, there is no point worrying or evaluating this issue endless; both of them provide exceptional customer services. 

On Comparing the Hosting Package 

On comparing the hosting packages, it is quite obvious that BigRock offers many advantages. For “Wordpress” blog, the best hosting service provider is Bluehost. If you are making a choice between Godaddy and BigRock, later is a better choice. The most probable question one would ask is why not use Godaddy for hosting services. Well, the truth is Godaddy may be advantageous for their other services but not in hosting. One notable thing is that many users of GoDaddy hosting keep reporting issues to the company. 

Finally, it Comes to Price

When it comes to price, normally buyers opt for cheaper rates, but for web hosting you must go for the one that offers good value for money. Although GoDaddy offers extremely cheaper price than all other options available, yet BigRock offers a gamut of service in the same package. GoDaddy offers coupon codes on availing which you can get discounts, but, on the other hand, BigRock offers you an array of benefits by giving you additional features at no additional cost or free with the package price.

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