Thursday, 27 March 2014

Chef Hat Pride and Personality

Chefs wear a hat that is different and it is known as the torque balance in the more popular words, it is known as the chef hat and chef wear them while preparing mouth watering food in their kitchens. One of the most important reasons why chef wear hats  while working in the kitchen is  to stop  hair stray  from falling  into the food they are cooking. This lock hair in place and there is less chances of hair falling in the dishes.

How Chef Hat Looks Like?

These hats are long and they are same as they were in the 16th century.  The main thing to consider here is that even in the small restaurant chefs has to wear a hat while cooking. This is done to avoid the unpleasant scenes. No one would like to have a dish with hair floating in it. These hats are often seen in white color, but today they are an also available in a variety of other colors.

Different Sizes and Shapes

Hats are also available in different shapes and sizes   depending upon the experience of the chef. So this makes possible   to see a chef wearing a 12” hat on his head. You can guess in a restaurant that he or she is a head chef. These hats are made of stiff cloth like cotton mix or plain cotton. In the mix fabrics, cotton is mixed with paper or fiber. Cooks and apprentices also wear these hats when they are cooking in the kitchen. In the world of cooking it is a rule that every cook and chef will wear a hat when in the kitchen to avoid losing points

One Size

There is only one size of the hat and this can fit on all the heads these hats have Velcro fit and elastic and it can fit easily on anyone’s head.  Restaurants which are popular or part of the chain hotels have their logos on the hats. Which makes them personalize? This lends a classy touch to the uniform   of the professional chefs. Most of the chef hats are valuable in white colors, but today you are going to see some of the trendy designs. Today they are available in different shades and colors such as red, blue, gray and a variety of other colors. Chef hat is the most important part of the chef’s uniform and you will never see a professional chef without a hat.
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