Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wish to Donate Your Blood Plasma? Read on!

We all know that our body is made up of numerous components and each one has a different rile to play in our bodies. When a particular component stops working or performing properly, our body might suffer from the deficiency of that particular component. As a result, it might have to deal with a lot of related diseases. When we talk about the important components in our body, the most vital on is the blood. The blood in our body is made up of many vital elements such as the blood cells, plasma, etc. Out of all such elements the most important one is the plasma and it has a great role to play in the proper functioning of our body.

What is plasma?
Plasma is the most important component of the human blood. It is light yellow in color and performs the function of transporting nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the parts of the body that need it.

As a matter of fact, Plasma is used in the treatment of many serious health problems. This is why there are frequent blood drives encouraging people to donate blood plasma from their body. Plasma donation is considered as the most common way that people opt for in order to help the people who are suffering from various diseases such as burns, shock, trauma, and other medical emergencies.

Important facts for people who wish to donate plasma:
There are some important facts regarding the plasma donation that you need to know such as:

1. Your weight should be least 110 lbs. for being a qualified plasma donor.
2. You must be at least of 18 years of age.
3. You might get compensation for the plasma you donate.
4. It is advisable to choose the locations for plasma donation wisely after a thorough research.

After considering the above facts, you would surely be able to donate your plasma without much confusion. Make sure to look for plasma collection center locations as per your preferences.

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