Sunday, 12 January 2014

10 Providers of Personality Testing In Sport

Personality testing is an indispensable part of sport. You can easily verify this fact by the countless teams that have roped in psychologists in the coaching staff and the numerous providers of online personality testing that are providing this service to sportspeople from all walks of life.
This website provides personality testing by way of tests and quizzes. From these tests you can get to know your personality in terms of which celebrities, film or book characters you have similarities with. Another dimension is its ability to give you a short list of professions that are ideal for you. The whole structure and drift of this platform is more inclined towards amusement than anything else.
Athlete Assessments offers sportspeople an opportunity at one on one assessment. The aim of the exercise is decoding the constraints facing the individual and inculcating some of the established ingredients for success such as self-awareness and a strong coach-athlete relationship. The nature of the services is such that you can buy a DVD and watch from home.
Athletic Assessments employ artificial intelligence algorithms in psychology sports testing. The output from the testing is a rundown of your strengths and challenges. The site also promises tips on how to use the mind to maximize performance.
Sports Confidence testing is done by way of a questionnaire. With a special focus on achievement drive, confidence and interaction, the testing promises to refine your mental skills and approach.
Excel at Life provides an interesting read, if anything. Its approach is more inclined towards counselling rather than testing. The objectives of the whole process range from developing focus to setting goals and maximizing performance.
My Skills Profile employs a sports personality questionnaire (SPQ20) that measures values, dynamism, openness, anxieties, technique etc.  The test report will give you an assessment of your strengths, improvement areas and midrange skills among others.

Arch Profile testing covers areas such as values, attitude, beliefs etc. the tests contained on this platform are more suited for use by coaches in assessing the suitability and dynamics of players and has little use in self-testing.
Color Code testing strives to identify your behavior patterns in an effort to determine the driving factors. The test results are presented in the form of a color pie chart and a 14 page document. Additional resources such as DVDs are available to make you gain a better understanding of your results. The whole setup seems too cumbersome for something that is supposed to be easily discernable and to the point.
My Secret Potential employs a revolutionary technique referred to as color association testing. This technique doesn’t function as a test but rather a simple exercise that tests you subconsciously through requesting you to make associations between every successive word and a color of your choice from the color scanner. This technique has grown to be relied on as it appeals to the truth and avoids manufactured responses aimed at deliberately influencing the findings. The test is over in 30 minutes and your results are produced instantly. This platform is ideal for self-testing as well as team testing and the science is not a form of entertainment.

Human Metrics employs what is referred to as Jung Typology Test in personality testing. Sport testing is provided among various other tests that include a marriage test. The test promises to uncover the best activities for the test subject. The result of the test is presented in the form of a formula.

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