Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All You Should Know About CRM Implementation

Customer Relationship Management
While thinking of getting CRM software is important, ensuring the success of CRM implementation is of paramount importance as well. The latter is only possible when your service chooses a methodology that incorporates the best practices as far as implementation is concerned. This is because only by leveraging any such methodology, the service provider would be able to work towards implementation and ensure that it’s only a matter of days before they taste success. Furthermore, what is also to be kept in mind is that you should emphasize on working jointly with the professional services offered by the service provider.

Just to let you know, doing so is imperative because it can lead to a reduction in the implementation costs. Nevertheless, while it would largely be the service provider that would be the owner for most of the tasks that form a part of implementation, you would also be involved. So, it’s high time that you find out more about the tasks that are to be performed, either with you as the owner or the service provider taking the responsibility:
  • Interestingly, while there are several tasks that CRM implementation calls for, they come into the picture after PO gets released. Nevertheless, the release is often followed by a meeting that identifies the team members involved. For easy reference, you can call it the ‘introduction and/or kick-off meeting’. 
  • The next task would have you as the owner, but it would be the service provider that would be essaying a really important role because they are the ones who are going to guide you through the process. You can conveniently call this task by the name of assessment because only its completion is going to ensure that you have the requirements definition document. 
Henceforth, many other tasks would follow and bring you closer to customer relationship management (CRM) implementation, and follow would become the last milestone.

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