Monday, 4 February 2013

Web based CRM is the key to stability and uptime

Web based CRM is expected to ensure that your data is not compromised under any circumstances. However, if you want it to live up to your expectations then you must find out whether or not it facilitates backup replications. Just so you know if the data is not being replicated by the CRM then you are likely to suffer a huge loss in the event of any disaster. Interestingly, if you find good a CRM that’s web based (read: based on cloud computing) then you neither have to worry about losing your data nor take any additional measures for application uptime.

However, if you are considering finding CRM for application uptime then you must ensure that it is backed by a team of experienced engineers. In fact, the engineers should monitor the infrastructure of the web based CRM to ensure that all downtime issues are take care of in a timely manner. Nevertheless, if you have mission-critical data with you then you’d obviously not only be worried about losing it but may also be concerned about its safety. So, it is imperative for you to find out if some encryption and intrusion detection technologies will be used by the solution provider to keep your data safe.

Furthermore, the data center where your data is stored should have high-level security. In fact, if possible then you must ensure that there are special provisions for antivirus, spam, and spyware scanning. Otherwise, your data shall always remain vulnerable and you won’t be able to protect it despite all your efforts. The bottom line is that there has to unmatched reliability as far as the security as well as privacy of data is concerned. However, it is important for you to understand that security, safety, and privacy are not the only reasons for which you should prefer web based CRM to traditional customer management software.

Just so you know taking advantage of the cloud computing can also help you ensure that you will be able to overcome the limitations of traditional customer management software. Furthermore, if you continue to use irrelevant hosted applications then you cannot think about customizing and manipulating the applications as per the growth of your business. Plus, CRM that’s based on the cloud computing can easily help you with sales and marketing. The good news is that without having to rely on traditional customer management software, you may also be able to take care of order management as well as customer analytics.
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