Monday, 9 July 2012

Text Message Campaigns: Scope and Benefits

Text Marketing
Mobile marketing is the latest trend in the world of marketing and it is something that no serious business owner with a wish to expand the business can afford to miss. The fact is that, mobile marketing has become such a fiercely competitive field that companies have to be creative and foresighted while designing their text message campaign.

Besides the text message marketing there are a number of other aspects of mobile marketing as well which include the mobile web sites, mobile advertisements, MMS etc. In all the mobile marketing methods, mobile text messages are the most important and popular and there are a number of reasons for this:

1.    The text messages have the greatest reach. Not all the people have advanced mobile connections and hand sets. In fact most of the people in the rising mobile markets in the developing countries in Asia, South America and Africa have simple mobile sets that can only handle the text messages.
2.    Text messages are least engaging. A video requires more concentration than a 150 character simple offer statement and therefore the text message are the least ignored message and consequently also the most replied ones.
3.    Text messages can be sent and received at an instant. They also do not occupy much memory space and therefore the users do not mind retaining them.
4.    Text messages are the most traditional means of exchanging information through the mobile phones.

There is no wondering that mobile text message campaigns can not be ignored by the companies and especially the small and mid sized businesses. The benefits of the text message campaigns can be described as follows:

1.    Permission Based: This option makes it possible for the company to make sure that they are not irritating the masses or users. The users will have to opt for receiving the messages from a particular source, in this case the company. The mobile text campaigns are governed and scrutinized by very strict rules by the mobile companies and therefore there are limits to the number of messages that can be sent. This also allows for a better business analysis for the company.
2.    Punctual and Accurate: The messaging campaigns can be scheduled. This makes sure that the company sends the precise information at the required time without causing unnecessary hassles for the users.
3.    Interaction: The message campaigns can take care of the replies sent by the users.
4.    They are the most affordable means of managing the marketing communication.
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